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Top Dog Hertfordshire Training School is a handfeeding school for pet dogs, located in the beautiful countryside on the outskirt of Whitwell (between Preston and Codicote, 10 minutes from Hitchin). The handfeeding method is a positive training technique, which accelerates how dogs learn because of the sheer number of repetitions. I like to think of it as a mathematical equation: if my dog gets a happy outcome 150 times a day, he is more likely to repeat the behaviour I asked him to do.

Owning a dog is usually a really rewarding experience, however, for whatever reasons, some dogs acquire bad habits which can make dog ownership more of a chore than a pleasure. (If you have ever stood in a middle of a field screaming at the top of your lung for your dog to come back as he happily disappears in the horizon you will know what I am talking about!!)

A dog who listens really is about relationship too. Dogs are very clever and so if something works for them, they are likely to do it again, even if it is doing something you would rather they didn’t do! So the same principle applies when we teach them to do things that we want and reward them for doing it.

And most of all, all this learning has to be fun!! For you and for your dog.

If you fancy coming to have some fun with us and develop a strong bond with your dog, give us a ring or drop us a line!

Gun dog working in long grass

Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen

Orhan Pamuk

How it all Began

I love dogs. I love everything about them. I have done since I was a child (a little while ago now). Back then, I thought all dogs were either born good or bad and of course they were the good dogs who ‘suddenly turned bad’……. how little did I know!

A few years have passed now and my love for dogs drove me to learn more and more about them. But the real trigger was a beautiful German Shepherd in my late teens, who ‘turned bad’ and sadly was put to sleep. I never stopped thinking I should have been able to do something to fix him. But training wasn’t as readily available as it is nowadays and my knowledge then so small. I now know that with the right training, anything is achievable.

I have been lucky enough to be involved in many aspects of dog training over the last 3 decades, from socialising guide dog puppies to working in Vietnam on a conservation project teaching dogs to locate endangered turtles in the jungle. I have met some incredibly talented trainers and behaviourists along the way and it has enabled me to design my own training style using effective proven methods. I have a lot of experience with working gundogs and you will no doubt meet our pack when you come and join us. . Whether you own a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, there is much fun to be had with your dog.

dog pack listening to Lex
Whistle training dog


All lessons whether in groups or private sessions will incorporate various elements of dog sports, from working trials to gundog work, walking on a loose lead, searching, agility, and tricks, because after all, walking nicely by your side is just a trick 🙂

We also simulate as many real life situations as possible to enable you to put your newly found skills to use in everyday life.

We will teach you how to teach your dog positive associations with people, dogs and situations that may currently make them feel uncomfortable or reactive.

Our classes are intentionally kept small so that everyone can get the most out of their lesson each week. We train outdoors in a real life environment in a secured field so you can start working your dog off lead without any worries!

Before you decide if you want to join us you are welcome to come and watch a lesson to give you an idea of what we do. Just give us a nod and we can let you know the best time/day.

Contact Us

Please contact us on 07771 697308 or email us at lexi@topdogherts.co.uk

Alternatively fill in the form below and we’ll reply as soon as possible.


Hand feeding dog training

What Our Clients have to say

Lexi has been absolutely outstanding throughout, she is extremely experienced, knowledgeable and kind and this is shown through her work towards my precious girl.

Kelly with Maia Neapolitan Mastiff, Herts

Lexi makes it feel as though there is no language barrier between you & your dog! Our local dog whisperer!

Natalie C

Thank you for showing us the way. We both enjoy our training and look forward to it every week.

Hayley Lasham

Lexi is the most passionate dog trainer I have come across, with her fun training style her lessons are always different and my cheeky Labrador loves our weekly sessions. I would highly recommend her.